Traditional Thai Treatments

Thai Yoga Massage

This is stress management Thai style, which truly promotes a happier, healthier re-energized life. Traditional Thai massage is performed whilst wearing loose fitting clothing and is a strong acupressure massage with deep assisted stretching. It releases tension, increases vitality, flexibility and wholeness or mind body and spirit

Thai Herbal Compress

Thai herbal compress is used in combination with traditional Thai massage. Sore muscles are worked and stretched and then herbal compresses are applied to help the soothing of sore muscles. The herbal heat compress relaxes aching muscles, eases respiration through the use of aromatic camphor and reduces tension through the heat and aromatic properties of the herbs used in the compress. Traditional Thai medicine uses herbal heat compression for the treatment of sprains, muscle pain, bruises and swelling.

Thai Foot Massage

This ancient technique directly stimulates the nervous system through the application of gentle yet firm pressure to acupressure points which correspond to glands, organs and muscles throughout the body, promoting healing in these areas.

Couples Massage

Share the experience with your wife or husband, same-sex partner, girlfriend or boyfriend, or simply your good friend, massaged by two therapists, at the same time in our special couples room.

Couples massage is also a great way to introduce a partner or friend who has never experienced massage and is apprehensive about it, to try this beneficial treatment.