Authentic Thai Massage

Experience authentic Thai massage in the heart of Edinburgh and benefit from the ancient art of Thai massage which has been used in Thailand for thousand of years. Thai massage is been proven to benefit a wide range of conditions such as aches and pains, poor posture, sciatica, sports injuries, strains and stiffness plus is an excellent treatment for stress.

Our team of professional therapists are all traditionally trained and insured providing an authentic Thai experience.

We offer a range of authentic Thai treatments ranging from relaxing and beauty treatments to more therapeutic massages for pain relief.

Our signature treatment is the Traditional Thai Massage which, through a fusion of rhythmic acupressure, body rocking and deep assisted stretches, loosens joints and balances major muscle groups within the body.

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Decléor Facials

Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for their heavenly feel and simply stunning results. Every treatment begins with the unique back diagnostic massage; utterly relaxing for you and a wonderful insight to your therapist into your overall state of health – and therefore your precise needs. The use of expert massage techniques and 100% pure, preservative-free Essential Oils address the demands of every single skin type to leave all complexions balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

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Traditional Thai Massage

This is stress management Thai style, which truly promotes a happier, healthier re-energized life. Traditional Thai massage is performed whilst wearing loose fitting clothing and is a strong acupressure massage with deep assisted stretching. It releases tension, increases vitality, flexibility and wholeness or mind body and spirit

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With Our Couples Massage

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