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Thai Yoga Massage

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This is stress management Thai style, which truly promotes a healthier, happier and re-energized life. Thai yoga massage involves deep acupressure compression and mobility stretching.

It is performed on a special Thai mat while wearing loose fitting clothing. Thai massage is one of the world’s oldest healing therapies in which pressure is applied to specific points following the energy lines of the body, also known as “Sen lines”. The therapist uses a series of stretching techniques which are similar to yoga postures. It has been compared to doing yoga without the effort while receiving acupressure treatment. Thai massage relieves tension especially on the back, it helps tight joints and eases muscle stiffness.

The main benefits of Thai massage:

* Increases flexibility
* Improves muscle tone
* Increases mobility of joints
* Releases muscular tension
* Helps correct postural misalignment
* Aids elimination of toxins
* Combats stress

These conditions can respond well to Thai massage:

* Sciatica
* Lower back pain
* Neck pain
* Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries
* Knee pain
* Heel pain
* Muscular fatigue
* Poor posture
* Stiffness in the joints
* Iliotibial band friction syndrome
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Recurring headaches
* Insomnia
* Emotional trauma
* Low self esteem
* Hypertension

90 Mins

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