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6 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

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Are you guilty of flopping on the sofa in front of the TV when you get in from work and staying put until bedtime? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us are conflicted by a desire to be fit versus being a couch potato and binging a boxset.
In an ideal world, you’d be looking forward to the gym. But if you really can’t face it because you’re dying to see a new episode of your favourite TV show, you can still get a workout in.
Here are some great ways to burn calories while gorging on Game of Thrones. And the great news is many of them can be done during ad breaks so you won’t even have to be distracted while your show is on:

  1. Use your exercise equipment while watching

Many people have a piece of exercise equipment such as a bike or rowing machine sitting in the garage. If you’re one of them, move it into the room where you watch television, or even better, right in front of the TV. That will force you to get on it and get moving while watching.

  1. Work out during the adverts

If you’re afraid exercising might distract you from your show, do your work out during the advert. Make it fun by assigning activities based on what type of ad is showing. For example, jog on the spot during a car commercial, or do jumping jacks during an ad for food. Come up with a list of activities based on commercials that usually play during your favourite shows. This way you’ll work up a sweat without missing any cliff-hangers.

  1. Turn it into a game

If there aren’t any ads, use characters in your favourite show to help you keep moving. For example, Poldark fans might do 5 push-ups every time one of them ‘’tisn’t right’.  Or do an activity every time a character utters an offensive comment or makes a bad joke. You could alternate the exercise each time, starting with push-ups, followed by squats, lunges, and crunches.

  1. Sit on a Swiss Ball

Exercise balls aren’t expensive and can be fun to use. By sitting on one instead of the couch, it can help improve your posture and work the core. Just be sure to sit upright with your feet flat on the floor, about shoulder width apart. Ideally, you should sneak in a few calorie burning crunches too, but just balancing on the ball is better than nothing.

  1. Invest in exercise DVDs

If you’re addicted to looking at the screen, but not a particular show, buy some exercise DVDs and make better use your TV time by having a workout. You’ll also find plenty of daily exercise shows available on YouTube for free.

  1. Sit and get fit

While sitting, you can focus on upper-body conditioning, like side arm raises, front arm raises, torso twists and isometric holds with small weights. These exercises will keep you active and allow the blood to circulate throughout your whole body. It will also raise your heart rate.
Use TV time to stretch too

And lastly. One of the things many people skip at the gym after a workout is stretching. We go to the gym, exercise for an hour, go home, shower, and then crash in front of the TV. For those of you who work out most days of the week, whether going for a run or strength training at the gym, that downtime in front of the TV can be a great time to stretch out those hard-worked muscles.
Get a post-workout massage
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