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8 Tips to Turn You Into a Morning Person

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If I asked you what your top five least favourite things are, getting up in the morning is probably high on the list, along with Mondays and the daily commute. But getting out of bed doesn’t have to be a chore. We all have the potential to be ‘morning’ people; it’s just a case of changing your mindset.

Here are some things you can do to make getting up less painful:

  1. Get up straight away

As tempting as the snooze button might be, staying in bed after you’ve initially woken up will throw your body off kilter. This is easier said than done, so if you struggle, move your alarm to the other side of the room. It’ll force you to get up to turn it off. Just don’t head back to bed afterwards.

  1. Let the light in

Light sends signals to your body to stop releasing the sleep hormone melatonin. It’s a natural indicator to your body that it’s time to be awake. Sunlight is also thought to increase serotonin, a chemical in the brain that’s responsible for regulating your mood. So throw open those curtains as soon as the alarm goes off.

  1. Plan a nice breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give you much needed energy in the morning, it also stops you reaching for unhealthy mid-morning snacks. So make it a reason to get up in the morning. Stock up on food that will make you want to get up and eat, whether its bacon and eggs or porridge. 

  1. Use an app

There are loads of apps, such as pillow, that are designed to monitor your sleep cycle, and to work out the best time for you to wake up. It tracks your sleeping patterns through sound and vibration analysis picked up from the microphone and accelerometer in your phone. Alternatively, the CARROT Talking Alarm Clock will wake you up with a smile on your face. The app uses witty and humorous dialogue to ensure you wake up happy. You can earn points for waking up on time or face the wrath of carrot if you snooze too much!

  1. Give your morning shower routine a boost

While a cold shower is a great way to wake up, there are other ways to give your mood a boost without putting yourself through the pain. Using a shower gel with citrus scents can boost the production of serotonin and reduce stress levels, leaving you feel energised and ready for the day.

  1. Power down before bedtime

Part of getting up on time is getting enough sleep the night before. And getting ready for bed is a process of winding down. Spending time in front of a screen, whether it’s a smartphone, TV, or laptop, right up until you go to bed doesn’t lead to restful sleep. Use the alarm clock on your favourite gadget to set a reminder to turn everything off an hour before you slip between the sheets. It’ll make a huge difference.

  1. Have something in your day to be excited about

Make the chore of getting up more appealing by having something that can act as a reward for doing it, whether it’s watching a bit of your favourite TV show as you get ready, or stopping at your favourite coffee shop on the way to work.

  1. Consistency is key

As we all know, things get easier the more we do them, so keeping a consistent bedtime and morning schedule will help your body develop a rhythm and get used to waking up at a certain time.

No easy fix

Unfortunately for all you night owls, becoming a morning person is unlikely to happen overnight but slowly adding morning motivators to your routine can help coax you out of bed and make mornings less of a chore. While we can’t promise you’ll be hopping out of bed with a smile, at least you’ll be up.

If you persevere and manage to change the habit of a lifetime, why not reward yourself with a relaxing facial, massage or body treatment at Castle Thai Spa? Call us on 0131 629 0794 to discuss your options.

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